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Wendy's House Cakes was born in 2000, when Wendy was asked if she could bake some cakes for a local farm shop. What began as a favour for a friend turned into a hobby that I loved, and as their business grew so did Wendys!

Producer of the Year 2016: Wendy's House Cakes

Wendy Baldwin has been hand-crafting cakes and biscuits from her home in Diss for East of England Co-op stores across Norfolk and Suffolk since 2012. 

All of Wendy's recipes are made from scratch using family receipes, in small manageable batches to maintain the highest quality. Her ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible, including free range eggs from Shimpling and flour from fellow Sourced Locally producer W H Marriages. 

For many years Wendy's House Cakes was a project Wendy worked on alone, alongside raising her three children. Eventually, however, it became necessary to employ some help. Wendy has a loyal and hardworking team who are as dedicated to producing high quality products as she.

In 2015, Wendy welcomed a third member to her small team as a direct result from the increaed business with the East of England Co-op.

"The East of England Co-op has given me the opportunity to offer tastings to my customers. Although at first I felt completely out of my comfort zone, I have grown to really enjoy the interaction and feedback I receive. Nothing brings me more joy than to hear that my cakes, which began as a hobby 15 years ago, are now a house hold staple across Norfolk and Suffolk."

Wendy Baldwin