We have over 260,000 members. And all have an equal share in our business.

Just fill in our quick registration form and you can join the 260,000 members who earn dividend points on their purchases and get access to exclusive offers.

Once you have a pound in your share account, you can also have a say in how the business is run; who our directors are, what causes we focus on and how we do business day to day.



How membership works

From how we work out your dividend to how you can have a say, learn about how membership works.

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Manage your membership

Need to withdraw funds from your share account or order a replacement card? We are here to help!

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Member benefits

It's more than just the dividend. Find out what benefits our members get.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have your say

There are different ways for our members to have their say in our co-op.

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