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Can I use my blue Co-op Group card at the East of England Co-op?

No, we are independent from Co-op Group meaning you can only use your East of England membership card in our stores.                

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East of England Co-op card example

Co-op Group card example 


Who can become a member?

Anyone over the age of 16 - no matter who you are or where you live. Although it makes more sense if you shop with us from time to time!


How can I become a member?

You can sign-up to become a member online or in store. Your card and welcome pack will arrive in 2-3 weeks. 


Why do I need to pay £1 to join?

To become a member you need to pay £1 – this is your share in our co-op. You can choose to pay this now by speaking to our member support team or we can take it off your first dividend payment.

Members are only eligible to vote after their £1 has been in their account for six months. If you’re keen to have your say and vote in our next election for our Board of Directors, we recommend that you join online and opt to pay your £1 now. 


Can I use my membership card in any co-op?

Your membership card is only valid at East of England Co-op owned stores. This includes our FoodFuneralTravel businesses. There are a few things like cigarettes, National Lottery, infant formula, PayPoint, Subway, funeral disbursements and prescription drugs that don't qualify for dividend points


What if I lose my card or don't have it with me when I shop?

If you lose your membership card, don’t panic! You can order a replacement card online or contact our Membership Support Team

If you don’t have your card with you when you stop by, just let the person at the till know so they can mark it on your receipt. Then take your receipt back to your local Co-op next time you shop or send it to the Membership Support Team so that we can add it to your points.

Unfortunately, if your receipt is older than 30 days we won’t be able to credit your account with any unclaimed dividend points.


What is the limit for claiming points from my receipt?

We always like to be as flexible as possible when it comes to our member’s benefits so we’ve set our time limit for claiming points from receipts in line with industry standards (though more generous than the Co-operative Group, who offer only 7 days). So if you don’t have your card with you when you shop with us, you’ll have up to 30 days from the date printed on your receipt to claim your dividend points.

This 30 day limit applies to all receipts issued on or after the 20th February 2016. For receipts issued before this date, please take them into store or send them to our Membership Support Team as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, if your receipt is older than 30 days we won’t be able to credit your account with any unclaimed dividend points.


Can I apply for a new or replacement Associate card?

From 17th January 2016 we stopped issuing new or replacement Associate cards. Existing cards remain in circulation and can still be used; we just won’t be creating any new ones. If you need a new card or would like to join us, instead of applying for an Associate card, why not apply for your own membership card? It comes with all the same great benefits, offers and discounts.