Our Values

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One of the things that makes the East of England Co-op so special, is our people.

We've identified four values that our colleagues aim to live by each day.

Supporting our local communities, making decisions that help save our planet and putting people before profits.

We treat and respect everyone as individuals, continuously learn and share new ideas, recognise and reward effort and positive impact.

Building relationships across the organisation, embracing each other’s perspectives, supporting each other’s decisions and collectively create an enjoyable place to work.

Willingly embrace change, challenge the status quo, and learn from our mistakes.

Sarah believes that our value Do The Right Thing resonates with her the most. “It’s not always easy to do the right thing” but she believes that by considering this in everything you do “demonstrates integrity, determination and strength.”

Ryan believes that our value A Place For People To Grow especially identifies with his journey with our co-op, “I have grown massively as a person, since being here! It’s fantastic!”

Kashton believes that our value A Place for People to Grow resonates with him the most “Managers have been patient and have taken their time to improve my skills, it has given me an opportunity to succeed in my career.”