Her life has been changed around: Beryl’s Story

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Thanks to a donation from our Community Cares Fund, Reach Haverhill have been able to help more than 170 people in remote rural West Suffolk.

With rising food and fuel costs, we’re all feeling the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. But, for people on the lowest incomes, it’s not a question of living; it’s a matter of surviving. 

Thanks to this donation, Reach advisors have been able to help 179 people in isolated communities in the past year. Over a third of these were children. 

From financial advice to help completing complex forms, having a trusted person to talk to has made a huge impact for people like Beryl: 

Beryl came to Reach Community Projects after a difficult year. Her dad had become seriously ill, so she’d moved in with him to be able to provide round the clock care. After he passed away, Beryl found herself financially responsible for a two-bedroom home on a single person’s Universal Credit income. As well as mourning her dad, she was now unable to afford to keep a roof over her head. With her anxiety rising, she was contemplating suicide. 

This is when Reach Community Projects stepped in. 

Living in a very isolated area, there were no transport links for her to be able to visit a conventional foodbank, but, thanks to the funding from the Community Cares Fund, a Reach advisor was able to visit her at home. They not only brought emergency food, but also a helping hand and a listening ear. 

Beryl and her Reach advisor came up with a plan to overcome her problems. Working together, the advisor helped Beryl complete a successful application for a 1 bed flat and ensured it was comfortably furnished for her. 

Thanks to the incredible work of Reach Community Projects, Beryl’s life has been turned around. She now has a new, affordable home. With dreams of starting her own jewellery business, she can now look forward to the future with confidence.”

Donations from our customers and members are changing the lives of people like Beryl. Click here to find out how you can make a donation.