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We can help you choose and make sure you have the perfect flowers on the day of the funeral.

Flowers can often help you express the emotions which can sometimes be difficult to put into words - these can be sympathy, love or respect for your loved one.

Flowers can represent your connection to those who have passed away, while their warmth and vibrancy can help us celebrate the life they lived, and evoke fond memories.


Choose from a wide selection of arrangement types and flowers directly with us.

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Traditionally the centrepiece of a funeral flower arrangement, our beautifully crafted casket and coffin sprays can be tailored to ensure they truly capture the essence of your loved one. We can also offer simpler, yet equally attractive sprays, to be sent as a mark of respect and sympathy to the bereaved.   

This tasteful garland particularly lends itself to natural casket choices like willow, wicker or bamboo. The combination of beautiful roses and lush foliage is a particularly tender and touching tribute.

One of the most popular expressions of sympathy, these circular tributes have been sent to funerals for centuries by those wishing to show that they share in your loss. Whether you prefer an elegant and traditional wreath or something more contemporary, our florists will create the perfect arrangement.

A floral heart tribute is a truly personal statement, indicative of the love and affection felt for the deceased. Each of our designs features a variety of beautiful flowers, wordlessly conveying their own sincere message.

A significant gesture of love, our large letters can be arranged to form any word or name. They are a bold visual representation of your relationship to the deceased, and will usually form the magnificent centrepiece for a funeral display.  

Our posies and baskets are expertly crafted and our pretty designs are available in a variety of colours. These charming displays are ideal for expressing your condolences and we often see them adding quiet warmth at a funeral, although we can send them directly to the bereaved as a thoughtful gift.   

The ultimate reflection of an individual, our special tributes allow you to symbolise cherished memories or favourite hobbies of the departed with flowers. Our beautiful cushions and pillows symbolise the hope that they will find comfort in their final resting place.   

If faith was important to your loved one, you may want to think about a tribute that reflects and honours their beliefs. We know every religion follows its own traditions and customs after the death of a loved one and our expert florists can help create the perfect arrangement to suit.   

Choose from a wide selection of arrangement types and flowers directly with us.

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