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By choosing to become a member you can do your bit to support local good causes.

As a community retailer and a co-operative, supporting others is at the heart of what we do.

We all know how important it is to be part of, and feel supported by, our local community and that’s why we believe together we can make a difference.

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Looking for a donation towards items such as a raffle prize, refreshments for a community event? We may be able to help!

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Sponsorship towards an event? We may be able to help!

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Community Cares Fund grants

The latest round of the Community Cares Fund is now open. Apply now for a grant of between £1000 and £5000.

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Community support in action

Your Co-op Live Series

Your Co-op Live is a number of interactive live shows with expert speakers, special guests, educational videos, discussions and attendee participation.

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Supporting food justice for all

We are committed to combating food poverty in our region.

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Be In It To Bin It

Join us to collect 15,000 bags of litter this summer in our region!

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Latest Community News

Check out what we've been doing to support our local communities.

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Unpaid Carers

We supported 5 organisations across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex with a donation of £57,000 to adapt and expand their services enabling unpaid carers to receive help during the pandemic.

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