In-branch hosting

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We have over 60 branches with inside space to host you so that you can raise awareness of your cause and collect donations. Each branch has one slot a month available. We welcome applications from any charitable organisations that are happy to meet our terms and conditions (see below). 

Our teams are really supportive and very welcoming. If you're interested in applying for a slot then please do get in touch and email your request to our membership support team at who'll be happy to help you. 

Please be aware that we can't always say yes but we will try our best. 

In-branch hosting of charitable organisations - Guidelines

At the East of England Co-op we recognise the importance of charities to provide support to our local communities. We'd like to support you to raise awareness of your good cause, how people can utilise your support and how they can support you. We're passionate about community cohesion and integration and aim to support people in playing an active part in our communities to reduce barriers and inequalities and improve social contact and experiences. 

Whilst we would like to be able to support everyone, our available branches only have one slot per month so there may be occassions when we have to turn people down. We're very sorry if this is the case and encourage you to have a look at the other ways that we might be able to support you. Ideally we'd like you to contact us at least one month in advance to allow us time to co-ordinate the booking. 

As a member owned business it's really important to us to make sure that our available support is used in the way our members feel it should be. For this reason, we only support activities which will benefit our local communities and can meet certain requirements to minimise any risk to our members and customers and those that we support. 

What sort of charitable organisations do we support?

We can support your charity if you're running services or activities to address local needs where the East of England Co-op trades. 

Who can apply? 

  • Your group must have a registered charity number
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • Your attendees must be able to present with ID or other identifiable documentation on the day authorising them to collect donations for the group  
  • The work the group is delivering must benefit people from all faiths and political associations and must not purely be intended to further religious or political beliefs. 

We can't support:

  • The running of a raffle (there are fundraising regulations about this and you may need a licence) or other fundraising activity unless it is compliant with fundraising regulations and relevant legislation
  • If it is to hold any cake, bake or food sales in our branches or, open food events or food giveaways (these are not allowed at all as we're unable to manage the allergen risk)
  • The selling of any goods unless it is your charity's merchandise
  • Individual's challenges or requests including medical fundraising, research, treks or similar requests for scholarships, entry fees into charity races or sponsorships
  • Individuals for study, research or travel grants
  • Individuals for personal situations, e.g., terminally ill or treatments. 

What else will you need? 

  • You will be asked to provide a risk assessment for the relevant activity
  • You will be asked to provide public liability insurance. 

What can you do for us?

We would really appreciate if if you can provide some feedback of your experience on the day and how much money you've collected. This really helps us to analyse the support that we're providing and helps us to report back on the difference we're making. 

What locations can you book? 

  • Cambridgeshire
    • Waterbeach CB25 9LS
    • One Cambridge Square CB4 0WZ
  • Essex
    • Great Cornard C010 0UE
    • Coggeshall CO6 1SJ
    • Earls Colne CO6 2PA
    • Burnham Supermarket CM0 8BL
    • Chelmsford Station CM1 1HT
    • Hatfield Peverel CM3 2EH
    • Silver End CM8 3RQ
    • Manningtree Supermarket CO11 1US
    • Holland CO15 5UH
    • Mersea Road CO2 7QR
    • Stanway Supermarket CO3 0LX
    • Chesterwell CO4 6EE
    • West Mersea Supermarket CO5 8RA
    • Kelvedon CO5 9AE
    • Station Road CO7 0BT
    • Brightlingsea Supermarket CO7 0RN
    • Wivenhoe CO7 9AH
    • Halstead Supermarket CO9 3HP
  • Norfolk
    • Hall Road NR1 3HP
    • Horsford NR10 3AB
    • Spixworth NR10 3AF
    • Acle Supermarket NR13 3BY
    • Long Stratton Supermarket NR15 2XJ
    • Harleston Supermarket IP20 9AT
    • Tuckswood NR4 6DB
    • Riverside, Dereham NR19 2AZ
    • Dereham Road NR2 4BT
    • Mile Cross NR3 2AB
    • Gorleston NR31 7AA
    • Colman Road NR4 7HA
    • Earlham Green NR4 7TE
    • Costessey NR5 0EX
    • Hellesdon NR6 5NR
    • Fifers Lane NR6 6GB
    • Thorpe St Andrew NR7 0XE
    • Cannerby Lane, Sprowston NR7 8NF
  • Suffolk
    • Felixstowe Supermarket IP11 7DT
    • Walton IP11 9BQ
    • Woodbridge Supermarket IP12 1DX
    • Wickham Market Supermarket IP13 0HE
    • Framlingham Supermarket IP13 9AN
    • Combs Ford Supermarket IP14 2DA
    • Debenham IP14 6RN
    • Saxmundham Road Supermarket IP15 5JD
    • Leiston Supermarket IP16 4AE
    • Belstead Hills IP2 9LF
    • Gainsborough IP3 0RF
    • Foxhall Road IP3 8HL
    • Broke Hall IP3 8QB
    • Ravenswood IP3 9QF
    • Wimpole Road IP30 5SA
    • Elmswell IP30 9HG
    • Out Risbygate IP33 3RD
    • Rushmere IP4 3HX
    • Cauldwell Hall Road IP4 4BN
    • Heath Road IP4 5QN
    • Hurstlea Road IP6 8FS
    • Hadleigh Supermarket IP7 5EF
    • Capel St Mary IP9 2EB
    • Holbrook IP9 2PZ

What do you need to be aware of?

You understand that in order for us to process your application you agree to share your data with the East of England Co-op so that it can be stored, processed, shared with colleagues, audited and used for reporting purposes and that you may be contacted for publicity purposes.