Funeral arrangements

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It’s the little things that make it special

Every funeral is a unique celebration of the person’s life. That’s why, we take the time and care to get things right. It’s not just about carrying out your loved one’s wishes, it’s also about creating a fitting tribute that enables you, family and friends to say ‘goodbye’ in your own special way.

First and foremost, please remember that we’re here to help. Not just with the big decisions, but also with those small details that can make a big difference. You can call us any time with questions or suggestions.
To plan the funeral in detail, you can make an appointment with our team at your local Funeral Services branch. Alternatively, one of our experienced funeral directors will be happy to visit your home.

Floral tributes and charitable donations

Floral tributes bring a personal touch to a service – we can use favourite colours and flowers, or you can choose a unique design that holds a special meaning.

Friends and family may wish to send a floral tribute for the service, or you can ask for a donation to a charity of your choice instead.

Charities often have collection envelopes or pots for use at funerals. We can organise and collate these for you if you would like to hold a collection for your loved one’s favourite charity.


Choosing music that reflects your loved one’s personality really helps to make a service unique. Although there may be restrictions in some venues, you can generally choose the music you'd like. If you're unsure, we can talk you through some of the more popular choices, and make suggestions based on our experience. This is often a good way to think about what your loved one would or wouldn’t like, as well as an opportunity to think about what else would reflect their personality in the service.


Many people choose to have an Order of Service, which lets guests know what to expect and gives them a memento of the day. These can include any words or photographs of significance to you or your family, and can be personalised in any way that you'd like. You could choose poems, song lyrics or any other words that were special to the person that is being remembered.

We can guide you through the different options and help you to design an Order of Service that reflects your loved one – please speak to a member of your local funeral team for more information.

Special requests

If you have a special request that you would like included, then we will do all we can to make it a reality.

For example, you may wish to release a dove to symbolise saying goodbye, or light a candle in remembrance, there are a variety of different things that we are able to help with.  

Whatever your requests, we will always strive to make the day as special as the life you are celebrating.

Funeral Service Costs

The cost of a funeral can cause additional stress at what is already a difficult time. If you're worried about budget, please take a look about our information on managing funeral costs. We are able to provide simple, dignified funerals at low cost if you would like one.