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Future Female Society is an Ipswich-based charity with a mission to close the gap in inequalities for women and girls.

The mental health charity Mind estimates that around a quarter of us will experience challenges with our mental health this year. Research by the charity has shown that the number of men experiencing suicidal thoughts has doubled since 2009.

Colchester Kings Rugby Club is East Anglia’s first gay and inclusive rugby team. They provide opportunities for anyone, regardless of experience, age, size or sexuality, to take part in team sport and the sense of belonging and achievement that it brings.

Have you picked up a Magic Bag over the festive period? There’s a good chance you may find some vegetables in your assortment. No need to relegate these straight to the bin! Here’s a great recipe you

Now that we’ve entered the winter months, why not treat yourself to something warm and comforting?

Is food waste making you go bananas? If you find bananas in your Magic Bag, you need not relegate them to the bin. Check out these five top tips for making use of overripe bananas.

What can you do with your leftovers?

When you buy a Too Good To Go bag from your local East of England Co-op, you’ll get a mixture of products. Your magic bag will contain only items which are shortly due to expire, so for this reason, it purely depends on what the store have left as to what you receive. But what can you do with anything you won't use immediately?

Recipe idea - Chicken Pasta Bake

Check out this simple recipe idea which you could make from items in your Magic Bag, with a little help from some of your leftovers at home.

New-U Enterprises is a registered charity helping young people facing challenges to find employment or training. Last year we gave them a grant of £3,500 from our Community Cares Fund to fund their ‘You’ve Got This’ workshops.  

With rising food and fuel costs, we’re all feeling the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. But, for people on the lowest incomes, it’s not a question of living; it’s a matter of surviving.