Pre-paid funeral plans

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Planning ahead to save your family from financial burden and giving you peace of mind for the future.

An East of England Co-op funeral plan is an easy way to pre-arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, protecting your loved ones from rising costs and second guessing your final wishes. 

We’re proud that our funeral plans have no hidden extras and you’ll pay today’s prices so your family won’t have to pay a penny more when the time comes. You can also be assured that our funeral plans are fully underwritten by The Royal London Group.  

  • No hidden extras 
  • Inflation proof
  • Fully underwritten 

Arrange every detail of your ceremony and pay for it in advance 
Personal touches at a funeral can mean so much, raising a smile or evoking fond memories. Perhaps you'd like all the guests to wear colourful clothes, or you'd like to pass a favourite place. You can pre-plan your funeral exactly the way you want it and let your loved ones know your wishes.

Guaranteed funeral plans 
No matter how much prices or inflation rise in the future,  we guarantee your funeral can be paid for – saving your family from financial burden.

By choosing an East of England Co-op pre-paid funeral plan, your funeral arrangements will always be safe in the hands of a considerate, local organisation that has been trusted by generations of families – for over 140 years.

All your funeral plan payments will be deposited with Royal London Group. As members of the Funeral Planning Authority we abide by their strict Code of Practice.

Good reasons to arrange your funeral now...
Organise your funeral, your way – at today’s prices

As time goes on, the cost of funerals may continue to rise. Research shows that the average cost of a funeral over the last ten years has risen by almost 90%. If this trend continues, the average cost could reach as much as £23,000 in 30 years’ time.

Even over the next few years funeral costs could increase considerably, as you can see from the graph on this page. That’s why arranging and paying for your funeral now is wise – you only pay today’s prices (excluding disbursements at the time of the funeral).

Although you may continue to enjoy a happy life for many decades to come, your family won’t have to pay an extra penny in funeral costs when the time comes. The East of England Co-op will always honour your Funeral Plan, no matter how much prices have risen in the meantime.

Our prepaid funeral plans start from £3,025 or £55.17 per month. We offer a choice of ways to pay, single payment or over 12 months or more.

Our range of pre paid funeral plans
To make planning your funeral as simple as possible, we've created four funeral plans packages – giving you complete control over your funeral arrangements.

We can also arrange a bespoke pre paid funeral plan for you – simply speak to a member of our funeral team for more information.

If you want the freedom to organise a funeral service that meets both your wishes and your budget, and you're ready to apply for a funeral plan today, why not make your selection with us online? We'll guide you through the selection process as you go, and we're always at the end of the phone on 0800 0744361 if you want to talk it through.


Choosing a funeral plan

To make planning your funeral simple, we have created four popular packages - three premier plans and one simpler choice. 

If you would like further information, please call us on 0800 0744361 where our funeral plan advice team will be on hand to answer your questions.