Too Good To Go Top Tips #5

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Have you picked up a Magic Bag over the festive period? There’s a good chance you may find some vegetables in your assortment. No need to relegate these straight to the bin! Here’s a great recipe you can follow to make use of some of these ingredients.


Bubble and squeak 

First, melt some butter or goose fat in a large frying pan over a medium heat.

Finely chop a white onion and add to the pan. If you have any meat that you need to use up like bacon rashers, ham, or turkey, you can also chop some up at this point if you like and add these too.

Cook all the vegetables and potatoes you would like to use separately and then finely chop or mash, before adding to the pan.

Fry for approximately 10 minutes, turning constantly.

Ensure the food is thoroughly heated throughout before serving. You should aim for the mixture to be golden brown in colour.

Season to your preferred taste with salt and pepper.


Simple! This recipe is perfect for when you don’t know what to eat during the post-Christmas period. It is also very affordable, using just items you’ll find in your £3.30 Magic Bag.