Colchester Kings RFC: Try with Pride

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Colchester Kings Rugby Club is East Anglia’s first gay and inclusive rugby team. They provide opportunities for anyone, regardless of experience, age, size or sexuality, to take part in team sport and the sense of belonging and achievement that it brings.

Colchester Kings Rugby Club is setting a great example in East Anglia as the first rugby team that welcomes everyone, regardless of who they are. By providing an inclusive environment where anyone is welcome, they’re taking positive action to eliminate homophobia and transphobia in sport.

Colchester Kings' journey began in June 2022 and their progress has been nothing short of remarkable. Surprisingly, 85% of their founding members had never set foot on a team sports field, and 40% considered themselves largely inactive. In January, they secured their first victory against Maldon. This early success has fuelled their ambition to compete in European and World Cup events in the future.

We’re proud to have backed the club with a £2,000 donation from our Community Cares Fund to support their growth and development. Inclusivity is at the core of the club's values, and our donation is enabling the organisation to expand its membership base. The funding is helping to provide essential training equipment and free kits, including boots and mouthguards, ensuring that no one is excluded from this incredible journey due to financial constraints.

Colchester Kings commented:

‘We’re thrilled to have received a generous donation from the East of England Co-op that will support Colchester Kings though our first rugby season. The grant from the Community Cares Fund will really help us support our members and create an impact within our community, getting more people active!

The fund is generously supported by Co-op shoppers and members who donate their dividend to make a positive difference in the community and we’re delighted to be a recipient of the fund.’

Interested in joining Colchester Kings?

Colchester Kings train weekly on Mondays. If you’d like to join or attend their games, check out their website.