Annual Members' Meeting 2024

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In 2024, our Annual Members' Meeting was held online on Thursday 16 May. 

If you were unable to join us you can watch a recording of the event: 

Member questions

You can find and listen back to all member questions that were answered on the night 39 minutes into the recording. 

We'll be providing answers to the questions we didn't have time to get to here on our website shortly. 

AMM 2024

Election of Director results


Candidate Votes received
Ann Osborn (4 year term) 2,630
Julie Mansfield (4 year term) 2,473
Nicola Fox (4 year term) 2,470
Ashley Munson* (4 year term) 1,854
Martin Catchpole (1 year term) 1,504
Suzanne Hawkes (1 year term) 1,316







Not elected

Candidate Votes received
Roger Grosvenor* 1,716
David Blackwell* 1,489
Sean Hills* 1,316
Steven Shaw 1,132
Liam Pocock* 1,106
Garry Simmonds 1,026







*Due to the Board being unable to accept more than one candidate who is a current employee or who has left the Society's employment within three years of the date of nomination. 

Total number of ballot papers received: 4,312 (1,608 postal; 2,704 online)
Number of ballot papers found to be invalid: 28
Total number of valid ballot papers counted: 4,284 

Motion results

Motion Result
To receive the Minutes of the AMM held on 18 May 2023. Carried
To receive the Annual Report & Accounts for year ended 27 January 2024. Carried
To receive the Remuneration Report for the year ended 27 January 2024.  Carried
That Directors Fees for 2024-25 be increased at a rate of 3.5% in line with that awarded to colleagues based at Wherstead Park in 2024 - bringing the total fee per annum to £10,263 (an increase of £347 per annum).   Carried
That the Board shall introduce a clear fee level, calculated as a percentage uplift of the core Director fee, for the Defined Roles of President, Vice-President, Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs.  Carried
That a sum not exceeding £12,000 in total for the financial year 2024-25 be approved to remunerate directors for undertaking activities on behalf of the Society which are outside their core role and are not included within the fees for Defined Roles.  Carried
To approve EY's re-appointment as the Society's external auditor for the year ending 25 January 2025.  Carried
That the distribution of a dividend of £750,000 equivalent to 0.56% of qualifying spend be paid on the value of members' qualifying purchases made from the Society during the year ended 27 January 2024.  Carried
That the Society maintains its affiliation to the Co-operative Party for the 12 months ending June 2025 at a subscription of £34,000.  Carried