Earning Dividend Points

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Start earning points today!

After you sign up to become a member, you'll receive your welcome pack containing your card within 2-3 weeks.  

Your membership card can be used to collect points when you shop in any of our businesses, and you’ll earn 10 points for every qualifying pound you spend. There are a few things like cigarettes, National Lottery, infant formula, PayPoint and funeral disbursements that don't qualify for dividend points. 

If the business has been profitable, the members vote each year as to whether to award a member dividend. If a dividend is awarded, the more points you have, the more dividend you'll receive. 

If you want to start collecting points before your card arrives, be sure to include your email address in your application. We'll email you your card number so you can download Stocard to your smartphone, and start collecting points right away.  

Alternatively, just let the person at the till know that you’re waiting for your card so they can mark it on your receipt. Then take your receipts back within 14 days to your local co-op along with your card, so that we can add your points for you. 

Dividend:  How it is awarded and how it is paid

Once we know how much profit we’ve made in the year, we ask our members to vote on whether or not to distribute a dividend. If a motion to distribute a dividend is passed, the amount each member receives depends on the amount of points they’ve collected over the year – the more points, and the more dividend, would be due.  

If a dividend is awarded, we’ll send you your dividend in the post as vouchers. In the first year we’ll deduct your £1 share from your dividend, unless you’ve already paid it.  

Dividend vouchers are usually sent out in July. Dividend vouchers can be spent in store, deposited into your share account or donated to our Community Cares Fund - it’s up to you! 

Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn dividend?

Show your physical membership card or your digital card on Stocard at the till whenever you shop with us, and you’ll earn 10 points for every qualifying pound you spend. You can earn points across all of our businesses, including Food, Forecourts, Funeral and Travel. 

There’s no minimum spend, so it doesn’t matter if you’re only popping in for a loaf of bread or a carton of milk - it’s still worth using your card. 

Remember, there are a few things like cigarettes, National Lottery, infant formula, PayPoint and funeral disbursements that don't qualify for dividend points.

Did you know? You can also earn dividend points at Aldeburgh apartments, Co-op Secure Response and HL Perfitt Masonry businesses. You can find out more about your Member Perks here.  

How do you calculate dividend?

Firstly, we calculate whether we've been profitable in the last financial year. If we have been, we ask our members to vote at our Annual Members' Meeting on whether to distribute a proportion of those profits back to members, in the form of a dividend. If they vote in favour, we then take the total amount of profit to be distributed and divide it by the total number of points collected by our members. This gives us the value of a point. How much dividend a member gets is the value of a point multiplied by the number of points they have. So the more points you've collected, the more dividend you would receive. 

How can dividend be spent?

If you receive a member dividend, we will send this to you in the form of dividend cheques via post. If you've kindly donated your odd pence to charity you'll receive your dividend in whole pounds (£s). If your dividend is less than £5.00 (the minimum dividend amount) we'll roll it forward to the next year.  

You can spend dividend cheques in store, deposit them in your member share account or donate them to our Community Cares Fund - it's up to you.  

Don't forget, you'll need your membership card with you when redeeming your dividend vouchers or paying them into your share account. If you want to withdraw your dividend or find out your share account balance, please speak to our Membership Support Team.  

For further information, please refer to the conditions of use on your dividend vouchers.