Doing Suffolk Proud: Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes and Scarlett & Mustard team up!

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Using ripe and juicy tomatoes to create sweet and tangy Tomato Chutney. ​



Our local suppliers are always thinking of new and innovative ways of working, combating the issues that today's climate has thrown at them! ​ 

​Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes had an issue...​ 

They had a glut of ready and ripe tomatoes but nowhere to send them! Thinking on their feet Suffolk Sweet Tomatoes contacted the renowned local dressing, sauces and marinades maker Scarlett & Mustard to see if they could help create something rather special…  ​ 

Joining our other tasty Scarlett & Mustard lines they have created a special addition Suffolk Tomato Chutney. They are rolling out too over 80 of our stores! So, keep an eye out! ​ 

"We have made our first 1500 jars this week, and they are ready to roll out to stores.  The tomatoes are amazing – bright red, plump, sweet and juicy.  The chutney is sweet and tangy, great with cheese, cold meats and in any sandwich."  

Scarlett & Mustard