We’ve been able to reach these young people quicker: Zara’s Story

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Thanks to a donation from our Community Cares Fund, Colchester YES have been able to provide early intervention for young people at risk of a mental health crisis.

The pandemic has had an untold impact on mental health of many young people. In Essex, Colchester & Tendring Youth Enquiry Service (YES) have been working hard to support the increasing numbers of young people dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Last year, we awarded YES a grant of £5,022 from our Community Cares Fund to boost their counselling services to meet this rapidly increasing demand. Thanks to our funding, 30 young people received the specialist 1:1 counselling they desperately needed, before they reached a crisis point.  

Here’s how our funding has made a major impact for one young person struggling with their mental health: 

Zara had been struggling with returning to school; she was anxious, self-harming and experiencing suicidal thoughts. With long waiting lists for NHS mental health services, she was approaching a crisis point. 

Thanks to funding from our Community Cares Fund, YES were able to step in and help. 

With their specialist 1:1 counselling support, Zara started to re-engage with her pre-COVID life. And, after just 8 sessions with her counsellor, she stopped self-harming.  

She also met other young people experiencing similar mental health issues at the YES summer workshops. Finding people who understand made a major difference. With a safe space to talk, a compassionate support network and the ongoing help of her counsellor, Zara now feels more resilient and is looking forward to the future with confidence. 

Thanks to the funding from the Community Cares Fund, Zara is now attending school full time, has stopped the self-harming and suicidal thoughts.

Donations from our customers and members are changing the lives of people like Zara. Click here to find out how you can make a donation.