Local giving

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We recognise that our colleagues in our branches are best placed to inform us of what is going on in their local area, so twice a year (once in summer and once in winter) all of our branches will be given a small fund to give to a local charitable organisation to support them to do their good work.

We'll also dedicate three months to collecting donations for them in our stores and supporting them to raise awareness of the work that they do. 

Local Giving Eligibility Criteria

About Local giving 

The East of England Co-op Local Giving Community Campaign is a charitable initiative established by the East of England Co-operative Society.  The Local Giving Community Campaign provides a small amount of funding and support to local charitable organisations that address 'community cohesion and integration' and aims to support people in playing an active part in our communities to reduce barriers and inequalities and improve social contact and experiences.  Our branches will also provide support to raise awareness of their chosen organisation and collect donations on their behalf for a 3 month period.  There will be 2 rounds one in the Summer over June, July and August and one in the Winter over November, December and January. 

The East of England Co-op Local Giving Community Campaign is managed centrally but autonomy is given to our branches to make the selection for their chosen Charitable Organisation.  Each of our branches can select one local charitable organisation for each round.  

What sort of Charitable Organisations do we support?

Ideally Charitable Organisations will need to show that they're working towards one or more of the following outcomes: 

  • Improved access to social activities for all
  • Reduction in feelings of isolation and improved wellbeing
  • Supported people into education or employment
  • Provided information, advice or guidance to maximise income
  • Evidence of partnership working or alliance formation 

How much money do we give? 

Each branch will directly award a small sum of money circa up to £150 for each round this will be added to any additional donations that are collected, where possible, over a 3 month period in either the Summer or Winter round.

A Charitable Organisation might be nominated by more than one branch and you might be nominated for consecutive rounds.

Charitable Organisations that have been nominated will be asked to complete an acceptance form and to provide their details so we know the best way to contact them and pay them the total donations.

Who can we consider for nomination?

Our branches will consider Charitable Organisations for the East of England Co-op Local Giving if you're a voluntary or community group, social enterprise organisation (VCSE) or charity looking to create or adapt services or activities to address local needs where the East of England Co-op trades.

The group must have a registered charity number or evidence that they are one of the above groups or organisations.

The work the group is delivering must benefit people from all faiths and political associations and is not purely intended to further religious or political beliefs

The group must be based within a reasonable distance of one or more of our stores or branches (meaning recipients are likely to be aware of or use our services). 

Branches can nominate any eligible Charitable Organisation but any personal involvement with them should be declared before any decisions are made. 

We will not be able to support;

  • Charitable organisations supporting recipients outside the UK, e.g. volunteering trips abroad, international crisis
  • Individual’s challenges, including medical funding, research, treks or similar requesting scholarships, entry fees for charity races or sponsorships (e.g. racing / Go Kart driver, marathons)
  • Individuals for study, research or travel grants  
  • Individuals for personal situations e.g. terminally ill or treatments
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before The East of England Co-op has made a decision on an application e.g. retrospective funding or automatically invoicing for subscriptions
  • National or international charities or not-for-profit projects

What will be needed?

Nominees will need: 

  • A bank account in the name of the Charitable Organisation
  • A bank account with two unrelated signatories living at separate addresses, who must both sign for all withdrawals

What do you need to be aware of?

Charitable Organisations on acceptance of a nomination to the East of England Co-op Community Local Giving Campaign understand that in order for us to support you and process your payment you agree to share your data with the East of England Co-op and we will contact you for publicity purposes. 

Successful applicants will be publicly announced and invited to take part in promotional activities with us to raise awareness of your charity/group/organisation and collect donations on your behalf for a 3 month period over the Summer or Winter round nominated for. 


All the charitable donations given or campaigns run by The East of England Co-op are at the Company’s discretion and can be recalled or withdrawn if it is felt they are not being honoured in the manner or spirit in which they were intended for or projects which we deem could harm the reputation of the East of England Co-op or our funding schemes, and the company’s decision will be final.