Let Your Creative Side Shine with Rock Paper Scissors

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Thanks to a donation from our Community Cares Fund, Rock Paper Scissors have been able to help over 400 people in Ipswich with their wellbeing and connection.

Did you know that you think around 60,000 thoughts every day? With all that activity, our brains need a bit of TLC sometimes.

Last year we awarded a donation from our Community Cares Fund to Rock Paper Scissors CIC. They’re an art group providing creative workshops for young people and their families across Ipswich and they’re doing amazing things with our support! 

The team at Rock Paper Scissors had noticed that young people were being heavily impacted by the pandemic and the restrictions of social distancing. More young people than ever before were experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Chloe from Rock Paper Scissors says:

"We noticed a need for tools to support our young artists' wellbeing, particularly after the pandemic, when so many were struggling with anxiety and finding it difficult to socialise. We felt that creativity would be a great way to help them learn the skills they needed to support their own mental health, and so we approached Suffolk Mind for their help." 

Working with the mental health charity Suffolk Mind, they used our funding to create a very special "Rock Paper Shine” journal for children which uses doodling, colouring and mindfulness techniques to help them improve their wellbeing and manage stressful thoughts. 

Thanks to our funding, the team at Rock Paper Scissors have now worked with 360 children and 72 families from across Ipswich to help them better manage their mental health. 

"The funding has enabled us to visit six schools including St Helens, St Matthews and Rushmere Primary, distributing over 500 copies of the journal, and reaching 400 people at our free family creative workshops. The impact has been enormous."

And now you can give your brain a boost too by trying out some of their short exercises! If you’re looking for a fun activity to share with the kids this half term or just want to enjoy some self-care time, just click on the links below to download two free exercises from the Rock Paper Shine journal:

Gratitude journalling: Find your happy place 

Head outdoors for some headspace

We’d love to see your designs, so please share your pics with us by tagging us on social media using the hashtag #EOECoopCommunity 

Rock Paper Scissors run regular workshops for everyone, of any ability. Find out more about their work on their website here.

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