East of England Co-op launches campaign to clean up local towns, villages, and coastal areas

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The retailer’s ‘In it to bin it’ campaign will bring the community together to collect a target of 15,000 bags of litter from across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

The East of England Co-op is encouraging community groups, schools and other organisations to join their ‘In it to bin it’ initiative. The retailer is providing 100 litter picking packs that groups can use to go out on a summer litter pick in their local area.

All those who get involved will be part of a community-wide effort across East Anglia to keep the area free of rubbish, helping to build a sense of pride in our area.

Colleagues across the East of England Co-op stores and the organisation’s head office will also be getting involved in helping the retailer to reach its target of collecting 15,000 bags of rubbish by the end of the summer.

East of England Co-op Joint Chief Executive Niall O’Keeffe said: “As a community retailer, we are proud to call the East of England home. We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, with picturesque countryside and a stunning coastline, but sadly we’ve seen an increase in litter building up across our region recently.

“As I’m sure many local people will have noticed, litter has been a long running issue, but with the combination of lockdown easing and the good weather, in 2020 and again this year, the issue has worsened.

“We know our communities love and care about our region as much as we do so we think it’s time we took action. We’re delighted to be teaming up with local groups and providing the tools and guidance needed to go out litter picking this summer.

“I take part in litter picks myself and will definitely be going out as part of our ‘In it to bin it’ campaign. People are always surprised by how fun litter picking can be, it’s a fantastic way to get outdoors, connect with others and get some exercise.”

To apply for a litter picking pack visit www.eastofengland.coop/community/in-it-to-bin-it. Each pack contains everything you need to go out on a group litter pick including litter picks, bag hoops and gloves. These packs have been generously provided to the East of England Co-op at a fraction of the retail price by local company, Ground Control.

Simon Wiggins, Senior Contract Manager at Ground Control, commented, “At Ground Control putting our people at the centre of everything we do extends to the wider communities we find ourselves operating in. We work with residents to improve the environments they live in, which in return, we believe enhances mental wellbeing and creates stronger communities.”

The ‘In it to bin it’ campaign is one of a number of litter picking initiatives the East of England Co-op has been involved with. The retailer’s Community team regularly joins local groups on litter picks across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and last summer, the East of England Co-op was an official supporter of BBC Radio Suffolk’s ‘Don’t Be A Tosser’ campaign.