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Great taste needs great ingredients

Since 2004, Stokes have worked with rare passion to refine the taste, texture and quality of their locally-produced ketchups, sauces, condiments, preserves and mayonnaise.

The business, based in Rendlesham, Suffolk, has come a long way from its humble beginnings, with founder Rick Sheepshanks setting out to make quality mayonnaise as his primary goal, followed quickly by tomato ketchup - so good it was the only way he got his daughter to eat vegetables. Stokes is now a global brand that can be found in over 50 different countries.

It's not all sauce 

Rick’s passion for quality matched his compassion and over the year's he's given much needed shelter to rescue animals. The menagerie at Rendlesham has grown to over 250 happy pigs, sheep, cattle, wallabies, emus & rheas, goats, ducks, cats, dogs, and lucky hens.

"When we look at the products East of England Co-op customers enjoy best, we can see they have discerning taste. These are products that truly represent our core qualities to deliver great tasting sauces, relishes and condiments. All of our products are created in the Old Stables in Rendlesham, in the heart of Suffolk, and offered to the people of East Anglia in happy partnership with the East of England Co-op. The fact that the East of England Co-op strives to use local suppliers fits so well with our own ethos of ‘Responsibility’ - our promise to source sympathetically, minimise waste and maximise recyclability. In partnership with East of England Co-op – great taste, amazing quality and thoughtful responsibility (our mantra) is shared passionately and delivered, locally." 

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