Norfolk Raider

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Putting a lot of love into our apples - after all, you can't make cider without them!

You can now purchase Norfolk Raider cider in 29 Co-op Food stores across East Anglia. 

How is Norfolk Raider cider made? 

  • 15 different varieties of apples are picked to make Norfolk Raider cider. These are primarily dessert apples, but also include Bramley and Russet apples. It takes 1.5 tonnes of apples to make 45 gallons of cider.
  • The apples are then put through a scruncher and then through a press.
  • Next, the juice is put straight into 45-gallon plastic drums and sugar is added (in just the same way it was 40 years ago).
  • This mixture is then left for 6 months. However, if the weather is warmer the process can be shortened by as much as a month.
  • The cider is then poured into 10-gallon mixing tubs. This is where the alcohol volume is tested and changes can be made, such as adding fruits and honey for different flavours.
  • The cider is then put into ‘bag and boxes’, plastic bottles or 40-pint kegs. 

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