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Iconic, award-winning cyders and vinegars made in Suffolk for almost 300 years


In 1728, Aspall was founded by Clement Chevallier in the parish of Aspall, Suffolk. While all around him were growing cereals, he chose to plant apple trees. Almost 300 years on, we’re still going against the grain, making remarkable cyder & cyder vinegars at the original Aspall Cyder House. Built by local craftsmen in 1728, The Cyder House at Aspall still houses Clement Chevallier’s original mill and press.


Aspall has been home to the Chevallier family for nine generations. A tiny hamlet north of the small market town of Debenham in mid-Suffolk. It’s a rural and agricultural area characterised by the young river Deben flowing through our orchards.

Today, we grow 46 different varieties of apple on the estate. Our oldest trees date back to the 1900's, and the youngest are barely a couple of years old. Many of our ‘children’ are grown from the budwood of the finest trees already on the estate; varieties that are no longer available commercially yet they make the very finest cyders. The Aspall estate is crammed with diverse wildlife – hooting owls, shy red, fallow, roe and muntjac deer, spotted flycatchers, a vast panoply of moths and butterflies – they are a glorious, wonderful haven and define our cyders, our vinegars and our ethos.

Not content with only producing the finest cyder & cyder vinegar, Aspall was also a founding member of the Soil Association in 1946. Aspall became the first business to be accredited by The Soil Association as a producer and a processor. Today, Aspall products are made using 100% renewable energy sources and we’re committed to contributing to a greener planet.

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