Bushells Bakery

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Having been baking in Lowestoft for around 130 years, Bushells certainly know a thing or two about baking!


Bushnells Bakery Ltd was established in November 1883, in Dukes Head Street, Lowestoft Suffolk.

And what makes Bushells Bakery so good (other than their delicious bread)? Their values!

They only use the finest quality ingredients. Flour comes from a local miller, who uses traditional milling methods and has an excellent reputation for consistency and service.

Using the natural fermentation method of production, their breads and rolls can rise and develop naturally, without using lots of additives. This maximises taste and texture. Baking for around 40 minutes gives a full and unique flavour.

Bushells use the minimum amount of salt required in all products, succeeding in reducing their salt usage by over 10%, in line with the very latest recommendations. 

To find out more visit their website: www.bushellsbakery.co.uk/ 

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