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Silver Spoon, believe it's all about looking on the bright side. Whether you're baking a cake, having a cuppa with friends, or sprinkling it on your breakfast, they are here to raise smiles all round!


Granulated-(1).pngA number of the nation's favourite brands are infact produced right here in East Anglia, making them a perfect addition to our Sourced Locally family.

Silverspoon work directy with over 1,200 farms across East Anglia. It turns out that all the rain and wind we have is actually exactly what sugar beet needs! 

"We teamed up with the East of England Co-op to help support local communities by supplying our locally grown sugar to Co-op stores.

"Championing local produce is a cause close to our hearts which is why we work directly with British farmers in the East of England to grow our sugar beet.

"From the field, the sugar beet travels just an average of 28 miles to our factory in Bury St Edmunds to be processed and packaged. The last stage of the journey sees our sugar delivered to Co-ops across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, ready for you to enjoy in a cup of tea or home baked cake. We like to call this journey "Field to Spoon"." 

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Pop to your local East of England Co-op to find great Sourced Locally products! *

*Selected stores.