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The Nethergate Brewery is truly Suffolk born and bred, starting in 1986 in the small town of Clare in Suffolk. Started by two friends, one a businessman and the other a microbiologist, they made the perfect team for the perfect pint. 


Venture: 3.7% | Amber
Made in the heart of East Anglia, the brewery's flagship amber ale combines traditional brewing techniques with new-world ingredients to produce a beer for all tastes and all seasons, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

A great match with fish and chips or just on its own.


Suffolk County: 4.0% | Chestnut
Originally Nethergate Best Bitter, this is the brewery's oldest recipe, first created in 1986. It was showcased in the Cambridge Blue as Dew Drop. It has won many awards in its time, including the SIBA Gold Medal for Best Bitter 2014. A chestnut-coloured bitter, biscuit malt dominates the warm, well-rounded roasted background with a wonderful bitter finish. 


Old Growler: 5.0% | Dark
A complex, satisfying Porter, smooth and distinctive. Roast malt and fruit feature on the palate and the finish is powerfully hoppy. Tantalising taste buds since 1988.

"The benefits of working with the East of England Co-op have been huge for us. Allowing us to reach such a wide audience and in turn give them a great beer that's locally produced to enjoy. It's fantastic to see our beers on the shelf alongside well-known brands. We have had great feedback so far and look forward to continuing in this success." 

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