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Award-winning extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil , infusions and dressings


Yare Valley Oils grow, harvest, press and bottle Award Winning Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil on our family run farm beside the Norfolk Broads. Their oil is delicate enough for dipping, dressing and marinating, yet due to its high burn point is robust enough to roast, fry and even deep fry. Yare Valley oil is simply pressed by mechanical means and filtered for a pure oil that is ideal for every day cooking. It is also High in nutrients and Omega 3 and has half the saturated fat of olive oil. Thier oil as the foundation to create our range of infusions, dressings, sauces, all natural lip balms and much more.

How has working with the East of England Co-op impacted your business?

"It has been fantastic working with the East of England Coop over the years. They have always been a fab bunch to deal with and are always keen and proud to showcase the wide array of wonderful Local Producers that they work closely with". 

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