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Raise a glass to our suppliers of traditional Suffolk ales

Our Sourced Locally initiative aims to provide our customers with easy access to some of East Anglia’s finest produce, and we’re always particularly proud to work with suppliers who have a real local legacy. 

The Mauldons’ Black Adder Brewery in Sudbury is a great example of this, as for local people, the name Mauldons has been associated with traditional, award-winning beers for over 200 years.

The story began back in 1795, when Anna Maria Mauldon began brewing at the Bull Hotel in Ballingdon on the outskirts of Sudbury. The business prospered, with more pubs and hotels purchased, and in the early 1800s the brewery moved to larger premises in the town’s Ballingdon Street. 

However, the family business was sold in 1960. Memories of this original business still linger, with etched glass windows carrying the Mauldon name still to be found in pubs in and around Sudbury. 

Twenty years later, Peter Mauldon, the great grandson of Anna Maria, decided to re-establish the family tradition and started a brewery in Sudbury once again.

Traditional methods, contemporary creations  

Today the Mauldon family’s legacy is being kept alive by Steve and Alison Sims, who bought the brewery in 2000 after Peter and his wife Jane decided to take early retirement. The couple have taken the business to new heights, with a modern site on Sudbury’s Churchfield Road, and the installation of a new, larger brewing capacity kit. But they are still staying true to the original family recipes and traditional methods of brewing traditional bitters, stouts and porters.   

All Mauldon's beers are brewed only from the finest East Anglian malted barley, traditional English hops, water and brewing yeast. And the actual process is one that takes a lot of love and care. The barley grains are dried in a kiln to produce the characteristic flavour of malt, before being milled and 'mashed' in hot liquor, boiled together with the hops and fermented with yeast. After fermentation the beer is racked into casks and allowed time to condition before serving. 

The Sims family’s continued respect for this ancient craft produces a range of great tasting beers, and we are proud to stock the bottled versions in selected stores across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. 

The options available include the famous Black Adder, a multi-award winning dark bitter stout with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt, and Silver Adder, a lighter-coloured bitter with refreshing crisp finish. Plus, the aptly named Suffolk Pride, a full bodied, strong bitter with a powerful bouquet of hops and developed fruit. The standard range is also complemented throughout the year with a selection of seasonal ales, such as the festive favourite ‘Bah Humbug’. Mauldons also owns the Brewery Tap pub in Sudbury, if you fancy trying its beer on tap! 

We’d like to raise a glass to all the current team at Mauldons for their hard work in keeping this Suffolk family’s legacy alive, and enabling us to stock these fantastic local ales in our stores. 

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