Toppesfield Vineyard

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A small boutique vineyard in Halstead, Essex.



Toppesfield Vineyard is a small, boutique vineyard run by Jane and Peter Moore in North Essex, close to the Suffolk border. They grow two varieties of grape: Bacchus and Pinot Noir. Toppesfield Bacchus is a crisp, dry, fruity white wine with flavours of gooseberry, elderflower and nettle. It has a refreshing finish and excellent length. Toppesfield Rosé is a light, dry wine with hints of English strawberries and citrus. It is a gentle pink colour, with a refreshing finish and very ‘drinkable’ on a warm summer’s day.

This local vineyard has won a number of local, national and international awards, including Wine of the Year in East Anglia for two of their four vintages to date:  

Toppesfield Vineyard has been on our ‘Sourced Locally’ list since 2018. They started in the five East of England branches closest to Toppesfield and developed such a great following that their listing was quickly extended to the 100+ stores across the East of England.

In addition to the vineyard, Toppesfield also has an exclusive, contemporary Wine Centre, which has been used by the East of England Co-op for various events such as the launch of Sourced Locally Fortnight in 2019, a Private Tour and Wine Tasting for winners of a member competition and the 2019 Christmas Tasting Event for members in the Sible Hedingham area.

The East of England Co-op has helped Toppesfield Vineyard increase their profile across the region, by inviting them to present their wines at the Suffolk Show and at the Framlingham Sausage Festival.

Jane Moore: “We are delighted to be a Local Supplier to the East of England Co-op who do an amazing job through the Sourced Locally initiative to help suppliers get their locally produced goods to end consumers in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. They really do focus on ‘co-operation’ to maximise benefits to the organisation, their members, customers and suppliers."  

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