Thursday Cottage

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Over 50 years of preserving excellence


Thursday Cottage, based at Trewlands Farm, Tiptree, in the Essex countryside, make a variety of handmade jams, marmalades and curds. The ingredients, the open pan cooking and the distinctive taste and character of Thursday Cottage products has changed little from the time when the company was founded over fifty years ago.

Great care is taken in choosing the best ingredients and the team at Thursday Cottage use a variety of traditional and unusual fruits including greengages (Greengage Jam), pink grapefruit (Pink Grapefruit Marmalade) and rhubarb (Rhubarb with Stem Ginger Jam). All of Thursday Cottage products are made in small batches; they still fill the jars by hand when they can because its gentler to the fruit, which means a hearty, fruity taste. The hard work and effort consistently put in by Thursday Cottage's small team has been reflected in recent years after they scooped Gold at the Great Taste Awards. 


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