Cracking crime quicker than boiling an egg

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We're committed to keeping our clients' properties secure 24/7. In March we stopped crime in its tracks.

Whilst monitoring motion detected CCTV images from our client’s property a colleague noticed images of people entering the property. Upon further investigation there appeared to be 5 trespassers.

They were picked up on thermal CCTV cameras and conventional CCTV cameras, whilst entering and walking around the site, by our fully trained CCTV operatives based at our state of the art ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), also accredited by Secured by design.

This event was escalated immediately to all relevant parties. Within a few minutes multiple police vehicles were on route along with a team of Security Dog handlers.

Our client was informed of the situation and the site was monitored via CCTV until police arrived on site.

A great spot by our team, leading to one arrest of a suspect at the scene.

Well done to our Co-op Secure Response team!