July update

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Throughout July we've been hard at work ensuring our client's businesses are kept safe. Here are just a few incidents that our team stopped. 

Keeping Retail safe

On the 30 July 2022, our ARC team received an alert of a distress button being pressed in a retail premises. 

Monitoring the CCTV, they witnessed an altercation between staff and another individual, which was putting our client's staff at risk. The ARC team acted quickly and made direct contact with the police and requested their attendance. Our team helped keep the incident from escalating further, protecting the staff members involved. 

Keeping Solar Farms Secure

During the evening of 31 July 2022, we received a notification of intruders on a solar farm in Wiltshire. On receipt of this notification we dispatched a patrol officer who disturbed the intruders and limited the amount of damage that was done, saving the solar farm money and time, and reducing stress for our client. 

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