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Where jobs require employees work alone, it’s important to implement training and policies to ensure lone workers are safe and that their safety is a priority.

Co-op Secure Response Lone Working system

Co-op Secure Response has recently developed its own lone worker system. It’s been tried and tested in all East of England Co-op Funeral Services and worked so well it’s now available to other businesses. 

How does it work?

To give you an idea of how the Co-op Secure Response system works, here is an example of how it is used within the East of England Co-op Funeral Services.

The security system is programmed to make a web page flash every hour. A lone worker simply needs to click once to inform the Alarm Receiving Centre they are ok. If there isn’t a response after an hour, a member of the Co-op Secure Response Alarm Receiving Centre team will contact the colleague to check they are safe. If there is no response, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team will monitor the funeral branches’ cameras to check the safety of colleagues. 

If a problem is discovered a member of the team will be despatched to the branch or, if necessary, emergency services will be contacted. This discreet, bespoke system can be tailored to individual needs, for example the timings can be altered.

Other options for lone workers

Co-op Secure Response offers a range of services to help support lone workers.

Panic alarms

A panic alarm can be carried by a lone worker to allow them to alert someone (a colleague or the emergency services depending on the set up) to a situation or security risk. As soon as a panic alarm is pressed the Co-op Secure Response ARC team will look at CCTV to assess what is happening. Then, they will either send a member of the team out to the business or contact emergency services.

Man-down devices

These devices monitor a lone worker’s movement to identify a situation where the employee is no longer moving: If they don’t move sufficiently within a pre-set period, the device triggers an alarm.

If the situation isn’t an emergency, the lone worker can press a button to confirm their safety. This is also put on a pre-set timer, so that if they don’t press the button within that time-frame, someone is alerted to the situation.

Man-down devices guarantee the fastest possible emergency response. They contain a GPS tracker, so the location of the worker can be known at all times. The benefits of a man down device:

  • Small wireless device – easy to carry
  • Built-in GPS tracker
  • Built-in panic alarm
  • Detects falls and signals back to the Co-op Secure Response ARC
  • Simple to set-up and use 

Watch me now devices

A watch me now device is similar to a panic alarm in that if it is pressed, it will signal the Co-op Secure Response ARC. Small enough to be worn as either a watch or a pendant, it links up to CCTV, so a lone worker can be sure that someone can check in with them and know their location.

To discuss any of these options with us, or if you have questions about lone workers, please contact us today.