Access control

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When you’re looking to secure your business property, you want to control who can access it and when.

Co-op Secure Response offer a large range of access controls and a member of our team can carry out a free consultation to help you choose which one suits your business best. 

Co-op Secure Response access control options

Intercom devices

An intercom device will allow you to decide who can gain access to the premises. They work by connecting two or more points on site, allowing communication between them. Some allow you to see the person who requests entry, others to only speak to them. If the intercom is required to decide whether to allow someone access through a gate, Co-op Secure Response can also add a button for you to open the gates. You can also select between wireless and hard-wired installation. 

A multiway intercom can handle 30+ call buttons – which is ideal if you have numerous places you would like the intercom system to control or for domestic use in a block of flats. 

Other benefits of an intercom include:

  • Suitable for business and domestic use
  • Hard-wired gate intercom systems prove to be highly reliable once fitted    
  • Multiway systems can be coupled up with integrated video and keypads for staff to key or swipe in automatically
  • Wireless intercom installation causes little to no disruption by wiring into walls or flooring 

Wireless intercom considerations

One thing to consider if you are thinking of installing a wireless intercom is the distance between the gate and the receiver. Too far and signalling can become an issue. Also, if your building structure has a lot of iron and steel components, this can cause electro-magnetic interference. Nearby mobile telephone masts, electricity power lines and radio/tv transmitters can also cause interference.

Proximity cards

These are contactless cards which can be read without inserting into them a reader device. They each have an encoded identification number that is read when the card is held up to a reader device. They can be used to open gates and internal doors. Reader devices have wireless capabilities or can be hard wired.

The benefit of these cards is that only people who have them can access parts or all of the premises (depending on how you have it set up). Other benefits include:

  • Suitable for regular use – Proximity cards are easy to use and can withstand regular daily use
  • Portable – proximity cards can be made to attach to keys, lanyards etc. or be like a credit card
  • Customisable security – you can add on features such as photographic identification or custom logos to the cards. This makes it easier for any on-site security staff to identify people who are granted access


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