Audit and investigation

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In an ever-changing world, it’s important to make sure that your security response is up to the job.

We can help by providing a full audit and compliance check using a tailor-made Risk Compliance Document.

This service includes a full consultation period to enable us to tailor the audit document to your business, as well as establish the set percentage levels for each pass rate.

For example, an audit for a retail business might look at the following:

  • Security
  • Procedures
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Safety

Each section would list its own relevant criteria, e.g.

  • Signing-in register used
  • Key register being used
  • Cash office door closed
  • Safe being used correctly

The typical grading scores we use are:

  • 85-100% - Green, none to little help required
  • 50-84% Amber, help may be required
  • 1-49% Red, serious failures identified, help required

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