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What will you share with your local foodbank?

Our local foodbanks are dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable members of our community don't go hungry. And, as the cost of living rises, demand for their services is increasing rapidly. 

We support 25 foodbanks across Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire; by asking our shoppers to share an item with their local foodbank, we aim to help many more people and families in need of emergency food.  

Foodbanks need regular donations of food, toiletries and baby items. Think about your weekly shop: what can you not live without? It may be things like cereal, nappies or toilet paper. People in crisis need these things too.

When you're next in store, why not pick up an extra something and pop it into the donation basket? 

To find out more about the foodbank we support at your local store, please click on the table below.