Jess' Story: ’Auntie’ Izzie’s Fridge Magnets

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As a kid, we moved around a lot (Mum was in the army). And a good family friend of ours was ‘Auntie Izzie’.  

I can’t quite remember how Auntie Izz came to play such a big part in the family… but she did. 

As a small scouse woman, she was a force of nature. But, she had a kind heart and always put others first. Even at 70 years old, she was always helping others – picking up shopping for those that needed it or making (the best) batches of sandwiches for anyone who asked. 

Whenever we’d go see her in Birkenhead (usually once or twice a year), every visit followed the same routine. A Chinese takeaway on the first night, split pea soup on the second and then a big shopping trip. 

And even though she'd be there with us, she used to share our excitement when we would show her everything we'd bought when we got back. 

Auntie Izz was also always on the go. In fact, she’d been all over the world. And wherever she went, she always made sure to find the ugliest, tackiest fridge magnets she could find. She had a great sense of humour.   

I can remember, whilst waiting for the takeaway, always being so fascinated with her fridge magnets. She had so many! If I had to guess, I’d say 60+ on the fridge alone. (She used to keep some around the corner too)  

I have no idea what started the tradition or why she continued to collect them. But they were always entertaining. And the stories she had from each place always made me laugh. 

Since her passing, it only seemed right to carry on the collection. We want to continue sharing memories with others like Auntie Izz did with us. 

We know it’s the personal touches that make a funeral special. It means everything to us because it means everything to you.

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