Niall's Story: Dad's Silver Dollar

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My Dad’s silver dollar originally came from my Uncle Jim (Dad’s brother and my Godfather). Jim was creative, and he was always making things.  

And like all good creatives, Jim liked to make things that were different. Things that had a uniqueness to them. 

This dollar keyring was no exception. It always intrigued me because, if you can see, it has Kennedy on it... but it's dated 1964. And Kennedy died in '63. 

When Uncle Jim died, Dad got it as a memento of him.  

And the silver dollar keyring never left his keys for the 48 years until he passed. It was almost a part of him, an element of his outfit, alongside his wedding ring and watch. 

After Dad passed, Mum kept a few trinkets of his. She gave me the dollar because she knew it meant a lot to me and how much it represented him. Hopefully, I’ll get to have it on my keys for as long as he did. 

Knowing what you value, no matter what it is, helps us make a funeral special. It means everything to us because it means everything to you. 

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