Kat's Story: Nan's Treat Tin

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Nan loved to bake. It’s one of the ways she showed her love for us all. Any day out with her always involved treats. And wherever we went, she'd always bring her gingerbread-house-shaped Christmas treat tin. 

Every time, she'd pack it full to the brim. 

If there's one treat that symbolises time spent with Nan, it's her delicious, crumbly treacle tart. It was my favourite.  

And then, for picnics, she'd bring her doorstop sandwiches - the kind where you'd take a bite and have filling all up your cheeks.  

It's no secret that Nan's make the best treats - and my Nan was no different. Every trip. Every time. 

Nan also loved to walk. In fact, she always insisted everywhere was walkable - even if it was 10 miles. She'd just "pop to" Dovercourt Co-op from her home in Harwich and then return 2 hours later.  

And if she wasn't walking, she'd be on the train.  

Nan's late husband managed Harwich train station, so she had free travel. She'd visit family all over. And every time, her Christmas treat tin would sit on her lap for the journey. 

It fascinates me to think just how many trips and adventures this treat tin has been on. It's full of character; all the little dents and bits of rust around the edges show just how much it has witnessed.  

And now, I use her treat tin with my children as she did with me. It's always our go-to for any adventure. They love wiggling the lid off to see what's inside.  

It makes them smile to find a tasty treat. And then it makes me smile knowing Nan is with us on another trip again. 

We know something can be worth nothing and everything at the same time. It's personal touches like this that make a funeral special. Your local branch is here to support you, it means everything to us, because it means everything to you. 

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