Laura's Story: Grandma’s Lavender Doll

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Grandma often holidayed in Norfolk. She loved it there. And every time she went, she’d bring back a lavender doll as a gift.  

I can’t remember how many dolls she brought me over the years, but there are a lot. And I always named them Dolly.  

As a young girl, I’d place Dolly on the shelf at the end of my bed; I used to love waking up to the sweet lavender scents. And still today, the smell of lavender puts a smile on my face. 

When Grandma fell ill, I bought this doll as a reminder of her. 

It has the same rosy cheeks and childlike youthfulness Grandma had.  

In fact, her sparkle never left, even when she was ill. When she smiled, you could see how young she was at heart. And that just makes Dolly all the more special. 

In our last few months together, Dolly was a real comfort to me. 

She now sits on my window sill, next to my bed, and greets me when I wake up.  

Even though she's a bit faded from the sun, waking up to Dolly’s sweet lavender smell/scent, keeps Grandma close and in my heart. 

We know how something fleeting can last forever, and adding those personal touches is what makes a funeral special. It means everything to us because it means everything to you. 

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