Deb's Story: Dad's Bracelet

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Dad made this bracelet as part of his engineering apprenticeship. Well, I say bracelet... it was originally intended to be a bookmark. 

It’s made from steel, with no real monetary value, and was just something he made during his training. Despite being made in 1961, it still looks brand new today. 

It wasn't until years later that this bracelet really connected us. 

Without realising the significance, I chose to study metalwork at uni and learn the same craft he did. It was like a subconscious pull.

And with some of the skills I picked up, I decided to bend the bookmark into a bracelet. It's almost like a joint project that keeps us close together.  

When he passed, the bracelet went to his Mum, and then after her passing, it came to me. It's one of my favourite bracelets because it reminds me of both of them. And I wear it often. 

I wish I’d spoken to Dad more about metalwork while he was with us. I did a show in London when I was at uni, and I know he would have been the one person who would have really appreciated it. I know he would have shared my passion and enthusiasm about it. 

And most of all, I know he would have been really proud of me. 

We know something can be worth nothing and everything at the same time. It's personal touches like this that make a funeral special. Your local branch is here to support you, it means everything to us, because it means everything to you. 

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