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Becoming a member

Becoming a member is easy. You can sign up online or in any of our branches.

Our members are our shareholders, and we have over 268,000 of them. Every member pays £1 for a share in our co-op.  There are two ways to do this: either we can take it off your first dividend payment or you can pay it straight away by joining online.

Local charities, groups and organisations can also apply to open a dedicated membership account so their members and supporters can collect dividend points on their behalf.

Start earning points today

2 to 3 weeks after you've signed up you'll receive your welcome pack, containing your membership card and other useful information about your membership.

Your membership card can be used to collect points when shop in any of our businesses, and you’ll earn 10 points for every qualifying pound you spend. There are a few things like cigarettes, National Lottery, infant formula, PayPoint, Subway, funeral disbursements and prescription drugs that don't qualify for dividend points. 

If you want to collect points before your card arrives just let the person at the till know that you’re waiting for your card so they can mark it on your receipt. Then take your receipts back to your local co-op or send them to the Membership Support Team along with your card number and name and address, so that we can add your points to your card.

Your dividend

Once we know how much profit we’ve made in the year, we’ll work out how much dividend each of our members will get. This will depend on the amount of points you’ve collected over the year – the more you spend, the more you get! 

We’ll send you your dividend in the post as vouchers. (In the first year we’ll deduct your £1 share from your dividend, unless you’ve already paid it.) Dividend vouchers are usually sent out in June. You can spend your dividend in store or withdraw the amount as cash*  - it’s up to you!

*at selected stores with a customer service point

Have your say

Have your say

There are different ways for our members to have their say in our co-op.

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