It's divi time!

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Your dividend is on it’s way.

Dividend will be landing on our members doormats  between 4th June-30th June, 2020. So keep your eyes peeled when the postie comes. 

Three ways to use your dividend in 2020 

This year is a very different year, and to reflect this, there are a few changes to the way you can use your dividend in 2020. 


If you’d like to keep your dividend so that you can spend it in store, you don’t need to do anything. Just pop to your Co-op with your cheques and spend them. 


Deposit your dividend in to your share account. Our Member Share Points are temporarily closed due to the current crisis so we’ve created a simple process to enable you to deposit your cheques by post. If you’d like to deposit your dividend into your share account, put the dividend cheques you wish to deposit in the pre-paid envelope provided and pop them in the post – we’ll take care of the rest. It couldn’t be easier. 

If you’d like to make a withdrawal, you can do so by completing the form here. 


In response to current crisis, we’ve created the East of England Community Cares Fund.  The fund has been set up to allow members to donate their dividend to support those impacted by the crisis across Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. 

If you would like to donate some or all of your dividend, simply tick the ‘donate’ box on the back of your cheque and return it to us in the pre-paid envelope provided. DON’T FORGET to tick the box on the reverse of the cheque.  If you do not tick the box, your donation will not be registered and your cheque will be deposited in to your share account instead. 

Find out more about the fund and how it’s helping local communities