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Compassionate, local funeral services from the East of England Co-op

In loving memory

Create the perfect tribute

Your Co-op funeral service is here to support you every step of the way, helping you to create the perfect celebration for your loved ones life.


There are many ways you can create the perfect, tailor-made funeral. These are just some of the things we offer to help you celebrate a life:

  • Coffins and caskets – choose from a wide range including: traditional or environmentally friendly selection such as seagrass, willow or cardboard
  • Urns – select from a broad range of quality urns
  • A choice of hearses – from a traditional horse-drawn option to elegant Jaguars or motorcycles
  • Floral tributes
  • Soloists and choirs
  • Jazz bands and bagpipers
  • Candles or balloons
  • Personalised seed cards – for mourners to plant flowers in honour of your loved one.

Lasting memorials

We offer a full range of craftsman-made memorials in your choice of stone including: granite, marble or limestone.

Whether you prefer to have a traditional or modern memorial, our skilled team at H.L Perfitt Ltd will craft it to the highest standards to give you the perfect, lasting tribute. We will also guide you through any cemetery, burial ground or churchyard regulations to ensure you select the most appropriate memorial.

Planning ahead

Planning ahead for your funeral takes the financial worry away from your family, and it gives you complete reassurance that your wishes will be fulfilled.

By choosing an East of England Co-op funeral plan, your funeral arrangements will always be safe in the hands of a considerate, local organisation that has been trusted by generations of families - for over 140 years.