We're a local and independent Co-operative
that does business differently to help communities thrive.

To find money saving special offers closer to home, our East of England Co-op food stores and supermarkets across the region offer a great deal locally.

A great deal locally

Co-op foodstores and supermarkets across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

As the largest independent retailer in the region, you never have to go far to find an East of England Co-op Foodstore or Supermarket.

Whether you’re doing your weekly shop or just popping in for something quick after a hard day’s work – we want to be your first port of call for high-quality, great-tasting produce for any occasion.


Pop into your local Co-op up the street

Thorpe Co Op Compressed 111With over 130 stores across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, you'll probably know us best as your local Co-op. From our supermarkets for your weekly shop to your local store just across the road, we stock a fantastic range of everyday essentials, delicious local treats and great value deals helping you to cut your food bill.



Sourced Locally

Thorpe Co Op Compressed 061An important aspect of our food ranges at the East of England Co-op is that we strive to offer our customers and Members the best local products on our food store and supermarket shelves, whether it’s a quick bite to eat, the weekly shop or that special occasion.

You can learn more about Sourced Locally here



Untitled 6Ethically sourced products have been a part of our East of England Co-op food stores for more
than two decades. We have been a supporter of Fairtrade products since 1992 and are proud to offer the widest range of Fairtrade products in the country. 

In fact our entire own brand hot beverage range is now Fairtrade, as well as our high-quality own brand dark chocolates and wines. Fairtrade is aligned with our Sourced Locally initiative, as both movements seek to guarantee suppliers a fairer price for their produce, allowing them to invest in growth and projects of their choice.


Truly Irresisible and Healthier Choice

16222Our Truly Irresistible range exists to provide our customers and Members with inspiration to make your meals extra special for that particular date in the calendar. 

From meaty morsels such as Aberdeen Angus beef burgers and pork sausages with jalapeno and coriander, to summer berry torte and strawberry and champagne cake for those with a sweet tooth there is something for every occasion. 

If calorie counting is more your thing then the East of England Co-op’s Healthier Choice range will also catch your eye, reflecting our commitment to offering our customers and Members healthier, fresher products to help you eat a balanced diet and stay fighting fit.