Travel Money

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Make the most of everything your chosen destination has to offer, with our great rates on foreign currency.

Why choose Co-op Travel Money?

With 0% commission on over 80 different currencies, we have some of the best rates – so whether you need US Dollars, Euros or even some Thai Baht, you no longer need to scour the High Street for travel money at great rates.

Cash Passports  

If you'd rather not carry all your holiday money in cash, come and talk to us about a Cash Passport.

Similar to a debit card, you simply load up your card with cash before you travel and then it can be used to withdraw money or to make purchases whilst you are away – without any fees. As well as having the added security of not going over budget, you can also cash in anything left over on your return or keep it for your next holiday, as the cards are valid for two years.

Cash Passports are available in seven currencies: GBP, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, South African Rand and New Zealand Dollar.  

Money Transfers

In the event of an emergency we can transfer money to you while you're abroad via our Western Union Service. Simply ask a friend or relative to pop into one of our travel branches and fill out a form. We'll then direct you on how you can pick up the money from the nearest agent or pay the cash directly into your bank account.