Your Co-op Live Series

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Your Co-op Live is a series of interactive live shows with expert speakers, special guests, educational videos, discussions, Q&A's and attendee participation. Each show is themed around a number of interesting subjects including local foodbanks, reducing food waste, wellbeing, sourced locally producers and celebrating life. The live shows are streamed from a number of locations throughout our region.

Check out our five previous live shows below!


Your Co-op Live Celebrating Life Matters Episode 2

Our latest episode focused on advice about preparing your estate for your family and what support is available to individuals and families experiencing end of life

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Your Co-op Live Celebrating Life Matters

Our fourth episode focused on the choices and challenges we may face for our loved ones

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Your Co-op Live Sourced Locally Matters

Rewatch our third episode which focused on everything Sourced Locally including our producers and their amazing products!

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Your Co-op Live Wellbeing Matters

Rewatch our second episode which focused on ways to improve your wellbeing, the importance of your physical health and inspired to reconnect with your local community

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Your Co-op Live Food Matters

Rewatch our first ever Your Co-op Live Food Matters!

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