Emma Tacon, The Tacons Farm

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The Tacon family work closely with us to minimise food waste, agreeing volumes of their fresh produce to be supplied to our store. 

The Tacons Farm has been supplying East of England Co-op for over seven years. Very much part of the Sourced Locally ethos they were runners up in the 2016 Producer of the Year competition.

“We started supplying just asparagus and gradually added more products - strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, potatoes.” says Emma Tacon who, with husband Charlie, runs this highly successful family business.

“We very much enjoy working with the Co-op. We’re in regular touch with the buyers and we work with them to agree which fruit or vegetable product to supply and the volumes. This is very important to us as we can then plant the right levels of specific products and avoid over-supply or wastage. 

“Last year we added pumpkins. We discussed it with the buyers, agreed volumes, planted out early in the year and harvested for the short three week October Halloween season. We moved over 2100 pumpkins through the Co-op’s Norfolk stores.” So no ghoulish result for anyone!

But with products dependant on climate, both for growing and sales, there has to be flexibility and, says Emma, there certainly is. “If a local shop runs short, a quick phone call to us will usually get them re-supplied very quickly.

“And that’s the big advantage of working together as a local producer supplying local shops.  It benefits everyone; us, the Co-op, the customers.”