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Election of Directors 2024 - Nominations are now closed

Nominations for the Election of Directors 2024 are now closed.

Candidates will now go forward to the election (subject to eligibility) during April and May, where our members will vote to decide who is appointed. The results of the election will be announced at our Annual Members' Meeting (AMM) in May. 

Details on how to vote and to register to attend our AMM will be shared shortly. 

Our Board is made up of our members - elected to act in the best interests of our co-op. Each year we hold an election for a number of places on our Board of Directors. 

During February and March, eligible members can nominate themselves to become a director on our Board. Candidates will then go forward to the election (subject to eligibility) during April and May, where our members vote to decide who is appointed. The results of the elections are then announced at our Annual Members' Meeting in May. 

You can find out the results of the Director Election 2023 here

About our Board of Directors 

Our directors work together to oversee our governance, policy and strategy decisions. There are 16 directors on the Board

They're all members who care about the way their local co-op is run. They help shape our future direction, but aren't responsible for the day-to-day operation of our co-op. 

What is the role of the Board? 

The role of the Board is to ensure the long-term success of our co-op in accordance with the International Co-operative Alliance Statement on Co-operative Identity. The Board is appointed by and accountable to the members who own our co-op. The Board represents the membership, making business decisions in the interests of the members. The Board acts as the custodian of our assets to safeguard the enterprise for the future. 

A co-operative board provides accountable leadership by setting the strategic direction of the enterprise and ensuring it runs efficiently within a framework of prudent and effective controls in line with co-operative values and principles. 

These requirements are set out in our rules here

What is expected from a director? 

  • Attend around 14 Board meetings a year. These are held on-line via Microsoft Teams or in-person at Wherstead Park in Ipswich. Meetings are held either on Saturday morning or mid-week evenings. There are also occasional off-site strategy meetings that might involve overnight stays. 
  • Join one of our Board committees. This will involve attendance at a further 4-5 meetings per year. Committees include the Membership and Community Engagement Committee, the Remuneration and Search Committee, the Audit and Risk Committee and the Performance Review Committee. 
  • Take part in professional development to meet any individual or collective needs that arise throughout the normal 4-year term of office. 

Am I eligible? 

The eligibility criteria to be a director are set out in our rules here

This includes that Directors must have been a member of our co-op for at least 2 years and mainly live within our trading area. They should also have made purchases of £500 or more per annum with us in each of the two previous Society finanical years. To note, no more than two employees can be on the Board at any one time. 

What do I get in return? 

  • Becoming a director gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping to make a difference to your local co-op and your community. 
  • Directors also receive a fee (currently in the region of £9,000 per year) and reimbursement of all expenses incurred in the role. 
  • Our directors play a key role in the success of our business, and it's a really rewarding experience. You'll meet new people and gain valuable skills, all while helping a local, independent co-operative business to thrive.