Bereavement support

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Losing a loved one can be difficult, and that’s why we’re here to offer you a listening ear, for as long as you need us.

One-to-one bereavement support*

We all deal with loss in our own way, as it is a very personal process. At East of England Co-op Funeral Services, we are here to help you work through the emotions you are facing.

The grief of losing a loved one can be overwhelming, and there's no one way to grieve, or a particular amount of time that you should grieve for. As long as you need us we are here for you on a one-to-one basis to help you come to terms with your loss and adjust to life without your loved one.

One-to-one support often works well alongside group sessions, and our bereavement counsellors can either meet you in person or arrange to talk to you over the phone. And, if we have taken care of the funeral service for your loved one, this service is absolutely free for however long you need it.

Call 01206 797196 to find out more or arrange a session.

*Subject to area. Call us on 01206 797196 for more information.

Bereavement Support Groups

When you are dealing with bereavement, you can often feel like you’re completely alone – but this doesn’t have to be the case. These groups are an informal and relaxed way to deal with your grief without having to worry. Group members are there to support each other and there is always a bereavement counsellor on hand for you to talk to. Sessions are free to all. Simply come along whenever you need support.

As government restrictions continue to ease, we're pleased to be able to start reintroducing our bereavement support groups, to offer comfort after what has been a challenging period.

The groups will be slowly returning to ensure each venue provides a safe space to access support. Our groups are currently available in limited areas but we will continue to add new locations across our region when it becomes possible.



  • Witham

    Every first and third Monday*, 1.15pm-3.15pm.

    Council Chambers, Town Hall, Witham CM8 2FE.

    For more information please call Evelyn on 01206 797196 or email

    *please note the group will not be running on bank holidays

If you feel we could help in your area by setting up another group, please get in touch by ringing us on 01206 797196.

If you would like to find out more information about dealing with bereavement, visit